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3D Devices

Three Dimensional (3D) Devices is a term applied to semiconductor chip stacking also called Flip-Chip or Die Bonding. As discussed on ARC’s webpage “FC150 SiC Vacuum Chucks” (more), the FC150 Hybridizer is the tool of choice for bonding two or more die together, especially for low volume (up to 10,000 per year), high precision projects. 3D Chip Stacking has become ubiquitous as companies try to make thinner devices such as cell phones, memory stacks, and as stated on the above ARC webpage, Infrared Focal Plane Arrays (IrFPAs) and their Read-Out Integrated Circuits (ROICs) for Infrared Cameras. Other areas of interest for ARC’s customers are that of hybridizing High Power Laser Diodes and VCELS with Micro Channel Coolers as shown below, MEMS (ARC’s wafer scale based on Micro Ion Spectrometer (MIS) (more)) and Nano Imprint Lithography. Presented below are additional details about the FC150 Hybridizer, Bumping Metals, the Hybridization Process, and Laser Die bonding to Micro Channel Coolers.

ARC Works with either as-diced die (bare) or wafers of both die types. For wafers, the company has expertise in precision dicing of standard and compound semiconductor wafers. Wafer materials include, but are not limited to, AlN, AlTiC, Ferrites, FR4, Glass, SiC, Silicon, GaAs, GaSb, InP, Sapphire, and Titanates. (more)