Working with ARC

ARC provides R&D, Product Development, and Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS).                                                                        

ARC has three primary service divisions, Precision Machining Services, Wafer Fab Services, and Analytical Lab Services.

ARC uses Technical Readiness Levels (TRLs), originally invented by Stan Sadin at NASA in 1974, to categorize projects.

In all cases where a conflict may arise between the ARC Quotation and a Customer PO, either a new a new Quotation will be issued to match the PO, or the PO must be changed to match the original Quote. 


A Note for Low TRL Service Customers.  R&D, Early Stage Prototyping, and Product Development Services.

When a project has a low TRL, manufacturability has not been established, there is a high risk of producing the results within specifications and within the quoted time frame.  As such, all projects are performed under a fee for service basis with no uncompensated time allowed.  In such projects, ARC will expend the quoted, pre-determined amount of time and materials on each phase of a project on a Best Commercial Effort basis only.  Clients expecting ARC to have “skin in the game” may discuss venture equity options on a case-by-case basis.

ARC does not guarantee that your concept will work or meet your specification or your intended purpose.  


A Note for High TRL Service Customers.  Mature Prototypes and Production Ready Contract Manufacturing Services.

When a product has a high TRL, some degree of manufacturability has been established.  As such, higher TRL work may be contracted on a per unit or per turn basis with the usual guarantees of meeting specifications, “build to print” or similar.  ARC has a reputation for incredible high yields for its mature prototypes parts and CMS projects.

Full ISO 9001:2015 procedures apply to CMS Customers.


A Note for ARC Product Customers  

Full ISO 9001:2015 procedures apply to ARC Products.