Wafer Chucks and Semiconductor Tooling Materials

ARC is known for its ability to work in hard to machine materials such as aluminum as well as hardened (50-62 Rockwell) metal alloys, fired ceramics, e.g. SiC and glasses. These materials are often ideal for semiconductor equipment applications.

Another class of interesting materials are porous ceramics, which are iedal for certain wafer chuck applications. These ceramics are available in various pore sizes.

Materion’s AlSiC SupremEX material is a very strong and lightweight alloy of Aluminum and Silicon Carbide (AlSiC).  For more information on Materion’s SupremEX visit http://materion.com

ARC specializes in grinding and lapping these materials to precision flatness specifications needed for semiconductor wafer flatness requirements as an example.


Wafer Chucks

Various chuck types used for wafer processing such as Dicing may be Electrostatic, Magnetic, Vacuum, and Thermal chucks. ARC manufactures custom chucks from a customer’s drawing or solid model.

The company makes replacement chucks as well as refurbishes OEM dicing chucks such as those used in Disco and K&S wafer dicing machines.


Semiconductor Tooling

Wafer handling Paddles or Wands are typically fabricated in aluminum and stainless steel.

SiC Vacuum Chucks for Chip-to-Chip Device Hybridization

Figure 5 Zerodur Glass Chuck
Figure 4 Cam view of the Zerodur Chuck
Porous Vacuum Chuck with Micron Flatness
Porous Vacuum Chuck with Micron Flatness
SiC Wafer Bonding Chuck Set
Figure 3 SiC Wafer Bonding Chuck Set
Porous Ceramic Vaccuum Chuck
Porous Ceramic Vaccuum Chuck