3D Chip Stacking

Device Hybridization

2 Suss FC-150 flip chip tools.

Post Bond Alignment, +/- 1 micron

Cold, Low and High Temp Bonding, Troom to 450 C

Low and High Force, milli-grams to 100 kG force


ROIC, Detector Wafers to Hybridized and Tested Devices

Indium Bumping, Eutectic Alloys

Tested FPAs

milli-grams to 100 kG force

Indium Bumping

High Density Bumping of ROIC and Detector Wafers

200 mm CMOS Wafers can be processed at 1/4 wafers (ARC Tooling Advantage)

Laser Die Attach to Heat Sink

Micro Channel Cooler Fabrication

Eutectic Metallization

Wire Bonding, Strap Bonding, Current Uniformity