Service Areas

Wafer Scale Fabrication

  • MEMS, Sensors, Thin Film Devices
  • 3D Chip Stacking, Device Hybridization

Precision Machining Services

  • 5-axis Milling, EDM, Grinding Lapping
  • Hard Materials, Ceramics to Beryllium

Contract Manufacturing

  • Scientific Instrument Related
  • Beryllium (Be) X-ray Windows


  • Design and Documentation, Modeling
  • Tooling and Fixture Design and Fabrication

Metrology and Analytical Service

  • CMM and Metrology Services, Zygo
  • XRF, SEM, FIB, Etc.

Assembly and Packaging

  • From Die Attach to 3D Chip Stacking
  • Mechanical to Chip Scale

Wafer Fab

  • Wafer Scale Fabrication: Sputtering, Evaporation,CVD, ALD, Plating
  • Deposition: Sputtering, Evaporation,CVD, ALD, Plating
  • Patterning: Mask Design, GDS2 Format, Contact, Stepper, Direct Write
  • Etching: Wet Etch, Dry Etch, Ion Milling, RIE, DRIE
  • Bare Die: Dicing and Backside Thinning, Pick Out/Tape Out
  • Advanced Packaging: 3D Devices, Flip Chip, Die Attach, Heat Sinking
  • BEOL: Back End of Line
  • FEOL: Front End of Line for MEMs, thin film devices

Machining Fab

  • CNC Milling: 3-axis, 5-axis, 5 axis Ultrasonic
  • EDM: Wire EDM, Micro EDM, Rotary EDM
  • Grinding: Linear and Rotary
  • Lapping: Diamond, CMP
  • Materials: Ceramics, Hard Steels, Exotics, Titanium, Moly, Tungsten, Tantalum
  • Beryllium: X-ray, Nuclear and Structural Applications

Metrology Fab

  • CMM: Ziess Prismo Ultra, 0.5 um accuracy
  • Optical: Zygo NexView, Various MeasurementScopes
  • Beam Tools: SEM, FIB, EDS
  • Other: ERF and AFM

Science and Engineering

  • Wafer fab process development, thin films, sensor development.
  • R&D Machining, exotic materials. Beryllium applications.
  • CAD Design and Drafting, Mechanical Design, FEA, Tooling and Fixtures
  • Custom Electronics Design, Nucleonics, Automation
  • SBIR Partnering, STTR Partnering, Government Contracting
Advanced Research

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