About ARC

Advanced Research Corporation (ARC) was founded in 1986 by Matt Dugas while a graduate student in Physics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Minnesota.  Judy Oscislowski joined the company in 1998 as CFO.  Judy became President and CFO in 2007 while Matt retained the position of CEO. 


As the 90’s progressed into the early 2000’s, the company established itself as a technology and manufacturing leader with advent of modern digital tape data storage which required complex track following servo systems.  These servo formats required a specialized factory format head distinct from the read-write head of the drive.  ARC became the world-wide leading supplier of tape format heads with the advent of Time Base Servo (TBS) servo systems which required even more complex thin film head fabrication.  ARC obtained over 20 patents in TBS servo technology which enabled even more complex and robust systems such as IBM’s 3592 and Oracle’s T10,000 Enterprise Tape products and the new LTO 7 formats.  In a victory for globalism over common sense, in 2015 ARC sold its TBS patents to IBM as they wanted to consolidate their supply chain in Asia.  The resulting mid-life business crises found ARC re-inventing itself into a broad-based R&D and Manufacturing partner for many high technology markets which have a need for secure USA based suppliers. 


ARC now performs contract Research, Development, and Manufacturing activities on a wide variety of highly technical projects and for a wide variety of customers in the Commercial and Mil/Aero markets.  ARC’s core expertise and equipment sets span from extremely high precision machining to MEMs level wafer fab and most anything in-between. 


ARC is now making products for OEMs in the various markets such as; X-ray instruments, infra-red focal plane arrays, high power lasers, medical devices, SEM and FIB instruments, semiconductor, telecommunications, industrial controls, automation and various National Labs such as DOE, NASA, LLNL, Brookhaven and Sandia.


The technical staff is the true strength of ARC, is comprised of physicists and engineers and highly trained Vo-tech graduates, most whom have been with the company for over 15 years.  The staff in combination with its state-of-the-art facility add up to ARC being one of the most innovative and strategic small companies in the country.


ARC is ISO, ITAR and applying for Trusted Fab status.


Making Things in the USA is what ARC is all about.