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One of the most innovative and strategic high-tech companies in the country, Arcnano integrates two main divisions: a MEMs level Thin Film Device Wafer Fab and a High Precision Engineering Machine Shop, into a unique combination of manufacturing and research operations. These two cores are augmented with electronics and automation skills.

Arcnano excels at both R&D and Manufacturing activities for a wide variety of customers and projects in the Semiconductor, Mil/Aero and Scientific Instrument Markets. Highly technical and difficult projects are Arcnano’s natural niche. We like having most of our engineering, process development and critical fabrication operations completely in-house, reducing the dependence on outside fabrication resources which vastly reduces cycle times.

Arcnano has a tremendous staff, many of whom have been with Arcnano for over 15 years. They are complemented by a new younger crop of talent which in combination form the backbone of Arcnano. Comprised of physicists, engineers and technicians, Arcnano has the know how to get the most challenging projects done. Many of our staff come from local colleges, universities, and vocational technical colleges. They like the Midwest and they like the small business atmosphere with its relative lack of bureaucracy and greater flexibility. At Arcnano, for the most part, engineers don’t only drive computer models, or go to endless meetings, they drive equipment like they do in Formula One. We work in the lab first. If you can’t rebuild a car engine, or a vacuum pump, or trouble shoot a sophisticated piece of equipment, you probably won’t like Arcnano.

Arcnano’s in-house engineering machine shop is a true asset to the wafer fab operations as almost any fixtures or tooling requirements are fully engineered and fabricated completely in-house.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ITAR registered, the Arcnano facility is in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Making mission critical and strategic “things” in the USA is what Arcnano is all about.

Arcnano is an ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR registered facility located in Minnesota. Making mission critical “things” in the USA is what Arcnano is all about.


Advanced Research Corp was founded in 1986 by Matt Dugas, then a graduate student in Electrical Engineering and Physics at the University of Minnesota. In 1998, Judy Oscislowski joined Arcnano as Chief Financial Officer.

Matt started his professional career with Vertimag Systems, a pioneering venture funded company to develop perpendicular magnetic recording disk drives. Vertimag was founded by graduate school advisor Professor Jack Judy and Clark Johnson. Although unsuccessful commercially, Vertimag’s disk drive development laid the foundation for specialty magnetic devices and materials work that would become the forte of Arcnano in the early days.

With over twenty patents in time base servo technology, Arcnano became the world-wide leading supplier of these complex and specialized tape format heads which wrote the servo tracks onto the data tape at the various LTO tape media cartridge manufacturers.

Starting as a magnetics oriented company, throughout the years, Arcnano kept growing its expertise in other areas such as Semiconductors, Aerospace and Scientific Instruments. Arcnano has developed into a world leader in 3D semiconductor advanced packaging and Beryllium X-ray windows for sources and detectors.

Today, as a high-tech specialty contract manufacturer, Arcnano is making precision products for OEMs in various areas such as X-ray Instruments, and Infra-Red Camera Focal Plane Arrays. These unique products span various industries, Defense, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Satellite, Telecommunications, High Energy Physics, and the various National Labs.

As a business, Arcnano focuses on specialty manufactured products for customers in areas requiring expertise in semiconductor wafer scale micro-fabrication, high precision machining and electronics.

Advanced Research

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