Strategic Relationships (Partners)

ARC enjoys several strategic relationships in the academic and the private sectors.  

The US economy is greatly enhanced by the interplay of University, Government R&D, and Private Sector collaborative efforts.  The National Labs, DOD, DOE, NIH, NIST and NASA are major technology drivers in the USA.  

ARC supports and endorses strengthening of Military, NASA, NIH, and all National Labs and Agencies in the areas of fundamental scientific and engineering research.  ARC also supports complete energy independence for the USA as a national security policy objective.


University of Minnesota.  ARC has always maintained a high level of cooperation with the “U” and the Nano Center.

West Virginia University.  Dr. Earl Scime, Head of Physics at WVU brought ARC a problem, “Can you build my concept of MEMs fabricated Ion Spectrometer”.  Sure “we at ARC can do that”, but of course no one had ever done that before.  

University of California, Davis.  Dr. Mani Tripathi, Physics Professor and Director of the Center for Interconnect Technology.  ARC and UC Davis are working on next generation interconnects which are needed for the High Luminosity upgrade to the Large Hardron Collider and commercial 3D electronic systems.

Cornell University.  Dr. Julia Thom-Levy, Physics Professor.  Laboratory for Elementary Particle Physics and member of the US CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) detector group for the Large Hadron Collider.  

Syagrus Systems.  ARC partners with Syagrus on Silicon Bare Die and related back end semiconductor projects.  Syagrus has tremendous Silicon Bare Die and Wafer Thinning expertise.  ARC handles the R&D projects, Metallization and Compound Semi wafer materials such as GaAs.

Infinite Graphics.  IGI and ARC work cooperatively in 3D photo processing and Micro-Nano surface texturing.  IGI is a leading mastering company who has expertise in 3D photo processing as well as more traditional photo-mask making.

Trusted Semiconductor Solutions. Trusted Semi and ARC have joined forces in the area of Nuclear Threat Detection, Dirty Radiation and battlefield situation awareness.  Trusted is an expert in Rad Hard Electronics Devices and ARC has staff expertise in Nuclear Physics as well as Chip Scale Sensor fabrication.  Custom CMOS and Sensor chips are in this mix of solutions for such agencies as the US Army and DHS.