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Ultra Machining is what ARC calls projects that have some, if not all of the dimensions falling between the nano (sub-micron) and the macro (typical machined parts >0.0002 inches). ARC’s Ultra Machining Fabrication group offerings are show below. Due to its involvement in the semiconductor, medical and defense markets which require a blend of technologies to meet customer requirements, ARC has acquired a unique set of tools and developed processes to benefit our customers.

Shown below in ARC’s Micro Machining Gallery is a selection of the myriad of the most interesting devices completed.

Drawings and sketches may be submitted via our contact page you will be contacted shortly to discuss your project.

Ultra Machining

Ultrasonic Machining NEW

ARC offers 5 Axis Ultrasonic machining for more cost effective machining projects, higher precision, and better finishes.


CAD Design – Solidworks

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) – Delcam

CNC High Speed micro milling, down to 50µm diameter diamond milling bits with 20nm positional accuracy using linear motor stages.
• 3 Axis Milling, 28,000 rpm for hard steels and ceramics
• 5 Axis Milling,
• 5 Axis Ultrasonic Milling – see above

Wire EDM Fine, 8 axis, with minimum wire size of 30µm and 20nm positional accuracy with linear motor stages.

Micro EDM – features a minimum of 5µm diameter sinker electrode capability, linear motor stages with 0.25µm accuracy and 0.20 micron repeatability, an in-situ camera and an in-situ measuring system for better tolerance control.

Focused Ion Beam (FIB) – provides sub-micron machining with a programmable Gallium ion beam

Dicing – semiconductor wafers and ceramics

Flat Grinding – ceramics to 0.50um flat and parallel in 50mm x 50mm format (SiC)



Ultra Machining Links


FC150 SiC Vacuum Chucks

FIB Apertures

Wafer Chucks

Semiconductor Tooling

Ultra Machining Materials

• Hard steels
• Ceramics
• Glasses
• Plastics
• Exotic materials such as SupremEx

Figure 1. Blood vessel clamp for a mouse in Aluminum
Figure 5. 25μm Diameter Probe in Tungsten
Figure 2. Wizard Gear Demo piece collapsed - Each piece is machined separately and assembled
Figure 6. 80μm Square X-ray Aperture in Tungsten
Figure 9. Integrated Micro-Fluidic PDMS aligned on a 40μm gap in the magnetically soft back plateDesign by Mass General Hospital, Health Partners, Fabrication Process by ARC
Wizard Gear Demo Extended
Figure 3. Wizard Gear Demo Extended
Figure 7. Alternate view of Figure 6, 1.3μm corner radius
Figure 10. Micro EDM Slot - 50μm wide in Brass, 2μm width possible
Figure 4 Pyramid Array Mold - Insert in Stainless Steel
Figure 8. TEM 8 Sample carousel project. Chain links, sample cups, and gears were processed with wire EDM (Image Courtesy Hitachi High Tech Center, Canada)